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Welcome to the EMAC INDUSTRY Privacy Policy

EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k collect and use the customers’ personal data based on its legal rights and obligations, contractual and in accordance with the Law No. 9887, in 10.03.2008, “Personal Data Protection”. When using the official website www.myalpina.com, EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k collects immediately the customers’ personal data when it is required to sign up for buying online from EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k. These data are registered in the companies’ systems, or other systems authorized by EMAC INDUSTRY. Completing the personal data forms are voluntarily.
EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k protects all the personal data from its customers and only use them for contractual and informative purposes. Using the website, the customer has to give his confirmation for registering himself as a customer, for using his personal data for further procedures and to guarantee that the given information is correct, true and updated. Furthermore, the customer is responsible for updating the information loaded in the EMAC INDUSTRY systems to ensure that it is correctly and fully updated. We give access to the registered customers and they can also ask for changing/ updating the registered personal data as per Article 13 and 18 of the Law 9887 on 10.03.2008 “Personal Data Protection”. The request for the above issue should be directed to the web address info@myalpina.com
EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k guarantees their customer that has taken all the physical, technical and operational measures for protecting the confidentiality and the loss, destruction, damage or unauthorized usage of the personal data, in accordance with the Law No. 9887, in 10.03.2008, “Personal Data Protection”. The collected and saved personal data in EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k databases will be processed from the employers, our collaborators and/or from the person in charge by us to process the given information. These data will not be transferred or communicated to the third parties without the customers consent or the information is requested from law authorities.
The subjects have the right to decline the collection and the usage of their personal data , voluntarily notified before and to request the removal of these data by exercising the right to dissolve the contract between the parties. Being familiar with the content of this contract, data subjects have accepted the terms and conditions regarding the privacy policy of EMAC INDUSTRY Sh.p.k